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Lessons Learned: Beauty from Burnout

Total Credits: 1 AOA Category 1-A Credit(s)

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AOA Category 1-A Credit |  Family Medicine |  Physician Burnout
Sheri Tate
47 Minutes
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This session will discuss valuable lessons learned from physician burnout. It will define burnout, discuss statistics, and encourage change in our healthcare system. It will present innovative solutions, along with guidelines to conquer personal burnout. It will address important topics needed for students, residents, and fellows to prevent burnout. It will show how patient education can play a major role in conquering burnout. It will present useful information to our administrators, directors, and leaders to combat burnout. Finally, we will discuss a call to action and how you can save lives and ultimately change the system.



1. Identify common myths in burnout, and why a change of mindset is needed
2. Discover simple steps to conquer personal burnout
3. List practical training tactics for students, residents and fellows
4. Learn how proper patient education can decrease burnout
5. List new solutions for administrators, leaders, and directors to combat burnout and why it is important
6. Identify how you can save lives and positively change the system




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Dr. Sheri Tate is dual board certified in Emergency and Internal Medicine. She has served in the medical field since age 16 working multiple hospital and pre-hospital jobs. She completed an undergraduate degree at UCM, a DO degree at KCUMB, and an EM/IM residency near Cleveland, OH. During Residency, she experienced burnout first-hand and found unique ways to be a ‘life-long survivor’ in medicine. Combining personal stories, practical advice, and EBM, she hopes to help physicians find balance and joy once again.

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